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We are nonprofit fundraising nerds and created Altrui to help even the smallest of nonprofit fundraising teams become stronger. Despite many organizations’ best efforts, development teams change more frequently than leadership would like. Or your development team is overwhelmed and you don’t have the financial resources to add to it. That’s where we come in. In times of transition or need, we support teams, consider strategies, and support you in terms of hiring development professionals, all while providing the key support your organization needs to fulfill its mission. Our dollar-a-minute fee allows anyone regardless of budget to engage with us, to discuss a new idea, or to determine if we are the right fit for a bigger project. Our goal is bringing a sense of ease and certainty!

Meet Your Development Guru

  • Dan Hanley

    Dan Hanley

    CEO & Lead Consultant

    Altrui comprises nonprofit development professionals who bring intense passion for nonprofit work and its impact on the world. We provide a wide range of services, from a simple one-hour conversation (check out our dollar-a-minute rate!) about your development or marketing efforts to taking the reins of your development team during staff transitions—and everything in between. We’d be happy to see if our approach is a fit with your vision.

    Philanthropy changes the world! We are 100% powered by our passion in fundraising and our belief that we can support you with new challenges or old dreams. Whether you're with a nonprofit or looking to get into the nonprofit world, we can help! We'll help you navigate through deciding whether "one day" becomes "day one".

Our Area Of Focus


As soon as you learn of a staffing change, we’re there—confidentially—to discuss your worries and next moves. We’ll provide guidance while you explore new candidates. We’ll provide insight and help you chart the course ahead. Have a nagging concern about a candidate you love? We can help. Your development team is overwhelmed and you don’t have the financial resources to add to it? We can work with you to create a sustaining strategy that won’t break the bank.


From your next direct mail campaign to a simple way of thanking donors, we’ll assist you in designing the next steps your organization takes. We thrive in the design of social media campaigns that enhance your goals while adding to your agency’s overall presence and branding. We’ll listen to your needs and concerns and present you with options that make sense and won’t impact your budget. We can also work with (or independently of) your marketing team to create an impact report to remind your donors why they give to you.


When your top person is leaving, we step in. However, the goal is not to order your team around but to create a seamless transition—seamless for you, your board, your donors, and your stakeholders. Behind on an upcoming grant deadline?
We’re there.
Social media needs a boost? Got it. Direct mail or email blast? We can be part of the process to decide which is best for you. We can also simply be there for when you’re overwhelmed.


I’ve known and worked with Dan for decades. He is a talented, experienced, natural fundraiser. And when it comes to making the world a better place, he is all in. He’s a quick study, too. Altrui brings this all together, and it gives small nonprofits affordable access to big nonprofit expertise. I’m thrilled, and taking full advantage!Dave CrawfordExecutive Director – Animal Help Now

The Altrui Consultancy Process

By-the-Minute Consulting

We at Altrui offer support in many ways. To start, we suggest our dollar-a-minute services. This support is easy on your budget and can include any topic we can help with … from a new hire to your next appeal to talking about what to do now that your development person has just given notice. This also gives you the chance to work with us without a big financial commitment, and then decide if you’d like to hire us. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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