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Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising is not about money. It’s about relation­ships!

Our two main areas of focus when it comes to fundraising is working with fundraising plans and  direct work with personnel during times of transition.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising is not about money.
It’s about relationships!

Our two main areas of focus when it comes to fundraising is working with fundraising plans and  direct work with personnel during times of transition.

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Fundraising plans

Why every Nonprofit needs a fundraising plan.
A fundraising plan is critical to your organization’s fundraising and relationship building success. We’ll work with your team to create a plan that includes actions every week, month, and quarter. We can also assist with implementing the plan.
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Allows the fundraising team to have a go-to plan that they work from and can share with leadership and board.

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Nonprofits are healthiest when raising money from a variety of diverse sources. A fundraising plan can help with that.

Team effort

As we work on your fundraising plan, we also work on supporting your creation of an organizational culture of fundraising.


We’re here to take your new fundraising plan and begin implementing it if you need that type of support.

Grow impact of fundraising.

Fundraising teams

Helping you hire.

Hiring is so important. Not only do you want to add an amazing person to your team, you also want to ensure all of your fundraising efforts are seamless during staff transition. We can help with all of that, from reviewing applications to implementing campaigns.

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Hire the best

This is common sense, and we can help you find candidates that are a perfect fit for you, the team, and the mission.

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Job descriptions

The one you’re using for this current need is five years old. We’ll work with you on updating it while having it match the actual current work and expectations.

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Have us go through incoming resumes and even sit in on interviews of potential candidates.

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We’re there to be another supportive link for new employees. The more support they have at the beginning the better.

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Don’t miss a fundraising beat during team transition.

Let’s secure your future!

Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.
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We love what we do

…and we believe that our clients do so too!
  • Melissa Reams, MPH, MCHES
    “It was clear from the moment I met Dan that he has a wealth of knowledge about fundraising and is truly passionate about helping nonprofits achieve their missions. If you’re ready to start bringing in more money through fundraising, Dan is the one of the best people to have in your corner!”
    Melissa Reams
    Principal Consultant – Upstream Consulting
  • Christopher Vane from Little Bear Sanctuary
    “I was so excited to have Dan bring his expertise to our farm sanctuary, Little Bear Sanctuary. He did not disappoint. In a few short months, our Board of Directors became a powerhouse. Dan’s advice personally and professionally changed the way I moved forward with the sanctuary, and the changes were incredible. Most importantly, he pushed me through my fears. Dan is professional, thought-provoking, easy to talk to, and an expert in his field. I will be forever grateful.”
    Christopher Vane
    Founder & Executive Director – Little Bear Sanctuary
  • Nancy Davidson Living Beauty
    “The Foundation for Living Beauty is proud to have been an Altrui client from its inception. Dan Hanley is an amazing, creative individual who has exposed Living Beauty to new audiences, creating new supporters and new avenues for fundraising. During the pandemic, Dan has helped Living Beauty successfully pivot fundraising programs to include virtual events and creative marketing. If you are looking to move to the next level of nonprofit fundraising, Dan and Altrui are worth your time and resources.”
    Nancy Davidson
    Executive Director – The Foundation For Living beauty
  • Bobak Bakhtiari Board Member Moms Against Poverty
    “We’ve been utilizing Dan for Moms Against Poverty and within a matter of a month (and in just less than 10 hours of work) we immediately saw unusual, Navy Seal caliber execution of agenda, and a real talent of knowing how to immediately craft strategy and move and inspire a team towards results.”
    Bobak Bakhtiari
    Moms Against Poverty
  • “I’m always grateful, and humbled, to work with organizations that are doing work that is making the world a better, safer place. At Altrui we look forward to working with you and in supporting your efforts with building relationships that will take your fundraising to another level.”
    Dan Hanley
    Altrui Consulting

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    We’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with and supporting the following organizations on their missions towards making the world a better place.
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