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Dan Hanley Altrui Consulting

Our name comes from the word altruism. It’s pronounced with a hard “i” but have heard (and liked) many versions!

I’m Dan Hanley, and I created Altrui in 2019 to work with nonprofits changing the world and making it better and safer. I have a love for nonprofit fundraising, and for nonprofit fundraisers.

Check out our blog to see Altrui in action. If you connect with us on social media (most active on LinkedIn and Twitter) you’ll get a great insight into who we are, how we experience fundraising, and meet some of our companion animals along the way!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what you are going through at your nonprofit and no matter how many challenges you might be having with fundraising, we can work together to get through it and you and your organization continue to excel.


Monrovia, CA

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