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3 actions for fundraisers if having a rough day

I recently had a phone call with a friend who is in the nonprofit fundraising world and that conversation inspired me to write this post.

They were having a rough day. We talked it through and we both felt better afterwards. My point in writing that is whenever I support or help someone, I always feel better.

Here are three ideas I suggested to change the course of their day:

One: Call a longtime donor. Have a nice check in with them. How are they? Share a recent story you heard from someone in programs.

Two: Call a board member you have been meaning to set up lunch with. To ensure this adds positivity to your day, pick one that you are in good relationship with and who fully supports you.

Three: Pull a list from your data base of all donors who gave in the same month you’re in from last year during that month and create a plan to connect with them about a repeat donation. Or to just connect with them.

I love nonprofit fundraising, and I haven’t loved every moment of all of my work. Most of the times when I focus on my work, especially the parts that add value to my day and to my agency’s mission, I get centered and feel peaceful again. I hope these three, simple suggestions work for you.

Thanks for reading!

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