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Somos expertos en la recaudación de fondos, consultoría, y apoyo a organizaciones sin fines de lucro.

Nosotros creemos en el poder fundamental de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro.

¡Desde la planeación y la ejecución de un plan de recaudación de fondos, la creación de una campaña de donantes recurrentes, apoyo a sus necesidades diarias de la recaudación de fondos, y asitencia en el crecimiento de sus relaciones con donantes, estamos aquí para Ud.! También podemos asistir con el reclutamiento de su próximo miembro del equipo de la recaudación de fondos, además de asegurar que la recaudación de fondos siga durante la búsqueda.

Inscríbase a nuestro semanario “Consejos de Dan” (todavía solamente en inglés).  

Dan Hanley

Dan Hanley
Consultoría de Altrui

Altrui Consultancy’s Services for Nonprofits

  • Nancy Davidson Living Beauty

    Nancy Davidson

    Executive Director – The Foundation for Living Beauty
    “The Foundation for Living Beauty is proud to have been an Altrui client from its inception. Dan Hanley is an amazing, creative individual who has exposed Living Beauty to new audiences, creating new supporters and new avenues for fundraising. During the pandemic, Dan has helped Living Beauty successfully pivot fundraising programs to include virtual events and creative marketing. If you are looking to move to the next level of nonprofit fundraising, Dan and Altrui are worth your time and resources.”
  • Christopher Vane from Little Bear Sanctuary

    Christopher Vane

    Founder & Executive Director – Little Bear Sanctuary

    “I was so excited to have Dan bring his expertise to our farm sanctuary, Little Bear Sanctuary. He did not disappoint. In a few short months, our Board of Directors became a powerhouse. Dan’s advice personally and professionally changed the way I moved forward with the sanctuary, and the changes were incredible. Most importantly, he pushed me through my fears. Dan is professional, thought-provoking, easy to talk to, and an expert in his field. I will be forever grateful.”

  • Melissa Reams, MPH, MCHES Principal Consultant – Upstream Consulting

    Melissa Reams

    Principal Consultant – Upstream Consulting
    “It was clear from the moment I met Dan that he has a wealth of knowledge about fundraising and is truly passionate about helping nonprofits achieve their missions. If you’re ready to start bringing in more money through fundraising, Dan is the one of the best people to have in your corner!”
  • Bobak Bakhtiari Board member – Moms Against Poverty

    Bobak Bakhtiari

    Board member – Moms Against Poverty
    “Dan Hanley is hands down a nonprofit guru, not just with fundraising strategy and donor outreach, but has proven value in other realms of nonprofit management in a short period of time. We’ve been utilizing him for Moms Against Poverty and within a matter of a month (and in just less than 10 hours of work) we immediately saw unusual, Navy Seal caliber execution of agenda, and a real talent of knowing how to immediately craft strategy and move and inspire a team towards results.”
  • Dave Crawford Executive Director – Animal Help Now

    Dave Crawford

    Executive Director – Animal Help Now
    “I’ve known and worked with Dan for decades. He is a talented, experienced, natural fundraiser. And when it comes to making the world a better place, he is all in. He’s a quick study, too. Altrui brings this all together, and it gives small nonprofits affordable access to big nonprofit expertise. I’m thrilled, and taking full advantage!”

    Nonprofit Consulting

    Nonprofit Consulting

    Our experience with nonprofits large and small allows us to discuss a new idea, work on a quick project or settle in for a more significant endeavor. Let us know what your needs are. Start by filling in the form below!

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