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3 Job Description Necessities for Your Next Employee Search

So many job openings mean a lot of job descriptions out there. Here are three additions that I believe will add value to your current job description, meaning more potential candidates may apply. I suggest these after being included in recruiting candidates for current clients. Even though my clients are all nonprofits, these suggestions would work for a company job description as well.

First, show the salary. This seems to be happening more, but not enough. Don’t have the potential candidate guess. At least show a salary range. Showing the salary is also just the right thing to do, for many reasons.

Second, be clear about time off. I want to know how many days of vacation are being offered, as opposed to a number that includes sick days. Separate them out, or be clear that the number includes both.

Third, be specific in work space expectations and work day expectations. Let the potential candidate know they need to be in the office one day a week, the rest can be from home. And if your job description says they need to work some weekends and evenings because of events (common in the nonprofit fundraising world), let them know roughly how many. Specifics help.

An extra tip is to make sure you’re updating job descriptions as the position evolves. If you keep it up to date, it’s ready to go when needed.

Thank you for reading. If you’d like to talk about supporting your hiring process, email me at dan(@)

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