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4 Tips for an Attention-Getting Job Description

At Altrui we have been supporting clients with recruiting. Although fundraising and donor relationship building are our main focuses, it’s been great working with clients to help create strong teams that will help our work be successful.

Meanwhile, I see a lot of “do this and do that” regarding a resume.

Before I began my work, I looked at dozens of job descriptions and job requirements.

I decided to set these aside and start from scratch.

My first task was to create a better job description. No four pages of duties, simply one page that included what we want from you and what the position will require.

The first couple of items I added for what we want included being ethical and being kind.

Then there was not worrying about things that many seem to worry about. In nonprofit fundraising, a degree is not required. Experience is. I’m much more interested in fundraising and relationship building experience than whether you were able to go to college.

Another thing I have seen that I don’t worry about are time gaps. So, you didn’t work for a year, or two. Hopefully you were traveling the world and not having to care for an ill loved one. Either way it doesn’t affect me in wanting to interview you.

Kindness. Ethics, Experience. And now I’ll add passion for the mission. I want the candidate to absolutely love the work the nonprofit is doing.

These are all important in the type of candidate I want to interview.

The degree, the perfect timeline, not so much.

If you haven’t looked at your job descriptions in a while, do it now. Update them. The world is different.

If you’re looking for a job, apply for positions that you really want. Have some type of experience. You don’t need to match everything the nonprofit is looking for but be able to check many of the boxes.

Nonprofits have a better chance of meeting amazing candidates when they express who they truly are looking for with the job description.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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