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Action 1: Strengthen your social media

Last week I wrote about celebrating one year of Altrui and shared four actions I am working with clients on that are turning out to be successful. Now I’m going to break each one down.

First is to strengthen your social media. The first thing to do is to write out all of your platforms on social media to include platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn along with others like email blasts and your website. Once you have that, take a long, honest look and rate them, most used on the top and least used on the bottom. This is important because I like thinking about where we invest time, and on the flip of that, if we might be better off investing time elsewhere.

Regardless of where this lands on your list, having a website that is always kept up to date is vital. There are books written about this and so many other consultants thrive in the world of what a fantastic website looks like, so I’ll just add a small bit here. As a fundraiser, it’s important to me to have a clear option to donate. And to be able to donate in a click or two, without any complications or silly questions. Some people just want to donate. Make it easy for them.

One other point about websites is in regards to a blog. If you have a blog on your website keep it up to date. There’s nothing like being excited about a nonprofit blog just to see the last post was written two years ago. Only have a blog if you have the capacity to keep it current.

Share your impact. Share your ups and downs. How can I help? What do you need? What are you doing that stokes the passion of why I support you? Keep these things in mind. And remember to respond to questions and comments.

Capacity is key. If you can excel on every platform, go for it. If you have time for just one or two, keep it there.

On Twitter I am @fundraiserdan. You have my website, and I try to post a new blog post every week. These are my top two social media platforms. I have a presence on others, and these are the two that are on the top of my capacity list.

Thanks for reading!

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