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Asking less

In non profit fundraising sometimes the focus is to ask, ask, ask. Increase the revenue, get donors to give more, continued growth, continued expectations of donors.

This being the case, you the reader will either love what this post is about or you will roll your eyes and get back to your list of cold calls.

Keep in mind that donors are people. I know, this brings a chuckle to many. As a donor and as one who is in relationship with many donors, nonprofit fundraising professionals are still missing the point, and missing out on the relationship.

Today consider what you can do to build your relationships with donors. Set the ask aside. Set the pressure of more revenue aside. Simply take a few minutes and think about what you can do to strengthen the relationship between your organization and the donor.

I’ll offer some ideas in the next post, and to get you going, consider picking up the phone and calling them. See how they’re doing, tell them of some great news you heard from program staff, tell them you were just thinking of them.

No ask.

Thanks for reading.

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