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Being of service

Altrui is now in our twelfth month! Time flies when having fun, and aside from being one of the biggest learning experiences of my life, creating and growing Altrui has been a lot of fun. Part of what has been fun for me is the opportunity to be of service to a variety of nonprofits making the world a better place.

Nonprofits exist to serve others. As one whose business depends on working with nonprofits, and as one who fundamentally believes in serving others, being of service is very important to the mission of Altrui.

Being of service can take many forms. It can be an act that takes a moment or continual actions. Here’s a quick list of ideas:

Support a colleague in need.

Offer time to someone in need.

Go to one of your favorite restaurants that is struggling.

Post kind notes on social media.

Walk a dog at your local animal shelter.

Check in with a friend.

Donate to a nonprofit making change in the world.

Mail a card to someone.

The list can go on and on, and I look forward to hearing about the actions all of you take to be of service.

Thank you for reading.

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