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ignite your fundraising

Although I love nonprofit leadership and being able to dive into program work, at heart I am a fundraising nerd. I’m writing this post while embracing my nerdiness. If you would like to ignite your fundraising, here are a few ideas: Revisit your passion for the …

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Donor relationships

I have said many times that I love the “R” word, meaning that I love the word “relationship”. It is a word that too often is overlooked by fundraisers and professionals in philanthropy. And that really needs to stop. If you are passionate about your organization’s …

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Thanking donors

When boards and non-profit leadership talk about fundraising, individual donors are typically, and easily, talked around or even not thought about. Meanwhile, so many of us have donor retention rates under 40% and direct mail response rates are under three percent. I can see why many …

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