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Don’t stop communicating

Communication isn’t always so easy these days.

Many nonprofits are rocking it. They have made adjustments, figured out how to fundraise without their big events that they’ve had to cancel, and most importantly, their communications keep going and going.

When I bring up communications I am referring mainly to communications from you to your donors. Although it’s also important to maintain communication with your staff, your supervisor, and stakeholders, it’s vital to keep the communications going with your donors. I believe in a time like now that we cannot over-communicate with our donors, especially if we keep the importance of our relationship with them in mind.

There are some simple ways to keep communication flowing with your donors. Simple meaning simple, not necessarily quick!

First, pick up the phone. Call your donors. I know, you spoke with them just before the holidays. Call them anyway. Remember to make the conversation about them. How are they?

Let donors know how your organization has had to change. Give them some examples of success.

Share your challenges, both from the head of fundraising perspective and from what your heads of programs would say.

Send email blasts that include all of this. Invite donors to call you.

Make sure your website is current in regards to giving. Make sure the correct contact information is there.

Do not over-communicate your ask when using your social media platforms. It’s easy to do and many are doing it. Temper your ask with lots of program updates. successes and challenges.

When looking back at this time you’ll be super grateful that you continually took time to communicate with your donors.

Thank you for reading!

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