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My work from home dilemma

This post is less of a “tip” and more of an inside look into the world headquarters of Altrui. And the dilemma I have in the office.

Several months before COVID came upon us, I created Altrui, my nonprofit fundraising consultancy.

Having led nonprofit fundraising teams for several years, I was excited to be in the world of consulting, being able to help many nonprofits at once (rather than just one) build life-long relationships with their donors while increasing fundraising.

We have a spare room which became the world headquarters for Altrui. Desk, laptop, calendar, notebooks, library of nonprofit fundraising books, etc.

I had spent months preparing for “opening day”. I had my check list alongside my five-year business plan.

There I was, at my desk, super excited, committed, and solidly typing away on a new blog post.

Then it happened.

Agnes the Maltese came into the office. She was soon followed by Ludwig the Yorkie who wanted immediate attention.

I stopped writing, deciding to take them outside. Nadia the terrier joined us and we all enjoyed walking around the back yard enjoying the gorgeous, southern California morning.

Twenty minutes later, I was back at my desk, trying to remember the amazing thoughts I had had while writing the blog post.

A few sentences in, Nadia was at my feet staring up.

I’m working, so I ignored her.

After her staring didn’t work, she started hopping up and pawing at me.

I cleared room on my desk and moved one of her beds (she has several) on the desk. I picked her up and set her in the bed. Back to work.

Nadia soon perched up, surveying her world though the office window.

Then she started barking. She doesn’t like people walking in front of her house. The bed on the desk worked for half an hour, then down she went.

She left the office, and while she left, Ludwig came back in.

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