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SIgn your thank you letter!

This will be quick. For many of us in nonprofit fundraising, making sure we personally sign our thank you letters is just part of our process. I should say making sure someone signs our thank you letters, as for some it’s not us.

There are many reasons for this. For me, the main one is that I want the donor to know that I actually know they donated. A close second is that I want them to know that it’s worth my time to sign the letter, and in most cases, write something as well, even if it’s just a redundant “thank you SO much!”.

Imagine my dismay when I receive a thank you letter from the CEO of an organization that we have been donating to for years, and their signature is printed as part of the letter! I was disappointed to say the least. Are they doing this for all of their donors? Do they even know that I donated? Does it matter to them?

Yes, we’re all busy. The way some speak they are busier than you and me, even thought we know that all of us are equally busy. Nonetheless, actions like this, simply signing your name, make a big difference.

Thanks for reading!

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