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Stay in today

A lot of recovery programs promote “one day at a time”, meaning stay in today, stay in the moment. As nonprofit year-end fundraising campaigns go into full throttle mode, this thought can be super helpful. Stay in the moment.

Do everything you can to rock your campaign, and while working on it stay in the day. Don’t let negative thoughts hang out (or at least too long), and focus on what you can do that day.

Then do the same the next day. Some times taking deep breathes help too. I’m in no way saying that whatever you are experiencing isn’t important, my point is to focus on what you do best, and let the rest go. You’ve been here before and you’ve rocked it.

The world is different. And you’ve pivoted. What hasn’t changed is that your donors still want to support your mission and impact, and they want to be asked to help.

Surround yourself with others working their butts off in the arena. Don’t listen to naysayers. Remember all of the work you have done throughout the year to support this year-end campaign.

Wishing you the absolute best! Thanks for reading.

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