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You’re not alone

We’re in tougher times. And we’re all in different situations. Some are working harder than ever and some aren’t working. In our world, the world of nonprofit fundraising, everyone is experiencing so many different things. The main thing I keep thinking of is that regardless of the situation you’re in, you’re not alone.

Of course if you are staying at home and have a house full, you may wish you were alone, but that’s not the type of alone I’m thinking about.

In the nonprofit world, you are definitely not alone. Everyone is having new challenges and having to look at their mission and their world differently. Feeling overwhelmed is typical in our world, yet can be even more intense these days. You’re not alone.

Now in the fourth month of a different world, we’ve seen actions that are really working. The biggest success we’ve seen is with nonprofits that are reaching out to their donors to continue building that relationship and to keep donors in the loop on what is going on and the continued impact of the mission. It’s so important. It’s important to ask how your donors are doing along with letting them know what your current needs are. If you have concerns around fundraising, remember you are not alone! Many nonprofit leaders are feeling the same.

Many of you are presenting budgets to your board for the next fiscal year (starting July 1st). Holy cow. It’s not easy. Budget time can always be a bit stressful and how in the heck to you budget the next year? Like with everything else, you give it your best shot, present it, and move on.

From special events to the next direct mail piece, everything is different. And if I know one thing about nonprofit fundraising professionals, it’s that we thrive in many situations and we just don’t stop.

Grab your coffee or tea, check in with those who inspire you, and keep doing what you do best.

Thank you for reading!

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