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3 Tips for Fundraising in December

I know. It’s already December. If you are in the arena of nonprofit fundraising, your head may be spinning. You may be overwhelmed, filled with expectations, worried, exhausted, or a little of all of these. And it’s only the first full week of December!

Let’s get right to it:

Tip 1: Take time each day to reach out to donors. Call them, meet with them, any type of contact. Especially to those donors who donated last year but have not donated yet this year.

Tip 2: I write about this a lot so this may be a simple reminder. Make sure it is easy to donate to your organization. Not just going online with a debit card, but using a Donor Advised Fund or even donating appreciated stock. How about a required minimum distribution from a donor’s IRA? Make sure all of this is easily addressed on your website. A phone number to an actual named person would be perfect.

Tip 3: Do not freak out. Over anything. December 31st will come and go and your mission will be just as vital to those you serve. If you reached out to all of your donors in December, you may even see a rise in January giving! That’s always a bonus.

There you go. If you’d like more to oconsider, I’m attaching another article about December actions you can work on.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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