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Building connections

I was going to title this post “Building connections with donors” and I keep being reminded that many of the blog readers are small business owners. So here’s to nonprofit fundraisers and small businesses!

Whether you work with donors or customers, continually building connection with them benefits everyone. If you’re thinking about how to do this, especially during times like these where human contact is not common, then read on.

First, remember to thank and thank quickly. And personally. Many of us in the world of nonprofit fundraising naturally do this. It’s still a good reminder. And in the world of business, thank people as if your business depended on it because it does. We were out to dinner last week and the manager or maybe even the owner came by, fully masked, to let us know how much he appreciated us joining them that evening. On our way “out” (we were never “in” as dining is only outside) we were thanked again by our server and the person who sat us. Perfect!

Another way to connect with your donors is to share a quick story about the impact of your work, which directly involves their donation. Donors want to know their impact, and never tire of hearing not only what their donation was used for but also the impact of their donation.

Join a chamber of commerce. I am a huge fan of chamber membership. Remember to work it though, meaning show up, participate and be of service. Speak at a Rotary Club meeting or Kiwanis luncheon. These are all great ways to get in front of people who support your cause along with who are just learning about you.

And of course there is the old-fashioned phone call. This is really my favorite. Calling a donor or supporter just to say thank you and let them know what we’re up to. No ask to donate, a simple hello.

Every day we have the chance to build connections. Don’t let a day go by without doing it.

Thank you for reading!

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