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Fundraising tip: Don’t stop asking

You may think you ask your donors to donate too much. I doubt it.

In my early fundraising days I heard one phrase often: People do not give because they’re not asked to give. This means we have a much better chance of receiving a donation if we ask for one.

When I suggest to you to keep asking your donors to donate, I’m not talking about constantly asking donors, with little to no relationship building. I’m not suggesting you ask in a way that can make a donor feel like an ATM.

When I say to don’t stop asking, I am speaking to those of you who haven’t asked in months, and may even have a little fear in asking too much.

One direct mail piece a year. A couple of e-appeals.

Not enough. Capacity is different. If this is all you can pull off, don’t feel bad. Also, let’s see if we can increase your asking without adding too much to your schedule.

Donors want to support your mission, your impact.

Asking them to donate is part of the relationship.

Keep giving your donors the opportunity to give by asking them to give.

Let go of any inhibitions you have about asking and just go for it. Start with something simple (for you).

Everyone benefits from you making the ask, most of all those your organization serves.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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