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Fundraising Tip: Fundraising Ideas That Inspire Me

The work and actions of others in nonprofit fundraising inspire me all of the time.

I have been working in nonprofit fundraising for about 20 years.

And I have been fundraising for causes important to me since I was a kid.

I remember the days of taking my wagon around the neighborhood collecting newspapers to then bring to my elementary school which was collecting them as a way to fundraise.

These days, I have the luck to work with several nonprofits at a time, supporting their efforts in relationship building and fundraising, with some wonderful opportunties to recruit for clients as well.

I work with nonprofits whose missions include work in immigrants/refugees, unhoused youth, domestic violence, and animal rights. These are missions that are deep in my heart and soul.

This is where inspiration is created, from individuals whose passion for a mission allows them to excel in supporting that mission by working within an organization that excels in the mission.

This is where I consistently see inspired fundraising.

I remember volunteering in Tijuana, Mexico for an organization that serves immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. In the welcome talk, which was also a training time, I was thrilled that as the person wrapped up, they gave a pitch to donate.

Of course I would donate. I loved the cause. I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to volunteer for a week. And my love for mission was at it’s highest point been surrounded by others wanting to support asylum seekers.

I was being asked to donate as a volunteer.

Since that day I have spent a lot of time in Tijuana, and now have several clients there along with a couple of nonprofits I support through financial contributions, volunteer time, and donated goods.

During my time working with organizations that serve immigrants and asylum seekers, I was introduced to the need of diapers. I have learned so much about diapers, and how important a clean diaper is to the overall health of an infant and the mental health of a mom.

I decided to partner with nonprofits in Tijuana and become a resource for diapers. Each time I plan a trip to Tijuaan, I check in with different organizations on their need for diapers; how many, which sizes, etc. I then let my friends and colelagues know, who Venmo me cash which I use in Tijuana to purchase and then distribite diapers to shalters across Tijuana.

I am able to support nonprofits in non-donation ways.

It’s important to add that as I donate hundreds of diapers, I also make a financial donation to the organization I am dropping off diapers at to ensure the nonprofit has resources to support those they serve.

I also think of monthly giving when I think of inspired fundraising.

I donate monthly to a couple of nonprofits.

The first one has been for years, and I decided to donate because I was absolutely loving their work.

The next one was because they asked me to donate monthly in addition to my annual giving. They shared with me the impact I could have if I were to donate monthly.

I was asked to become a monthly donor.

As I wrap this up I’d like to share one more action that I inspired me. I asked my board chair to call and thank a donor who had not donated in a couple of years and had just recently donated, and at a much higher level.

The donor called me right after they spoke with the board chair to tell me that they have donated for decades to many organizations, at many levels, and had never received a thank you call from a board chair. They were impressed. And to this day they still donate.

A simple thank you call can go further than we think.

Those in nonprofit fundraising inspire me all of the time. Building relationship with donors takes effort, passion, and kindness. I see that all around me in this arena.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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