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Fundraising Tip: Participate in Thanks for Giving Day

This is the 14th year of TFGD. It’s never too late to begin participating.

Thanks for Giving Day is November 16th. It’s the Thursday before Thanksgiving Day (in the US).

Thanks for Giving Day is a day to gather your nonprofit board (and maybe some staff) and spend a couple of hours calling donors.

Calling with a simple message.

You guessed it! The message is “thank you for giving”.

No ask, just a thank you. We’re calling everyone who has supported us in the last year to thank them for donating, for supporting our mission and those we serve.

It can be as simple as emailing lists of contact information of donors to your board members and they call sometime during the day.

You can also create a fun event, inviting board members to your location, providing food and beverage, and have board members make calls. This can be super engaging. From a fundraising team member perspective, it’s wonderful watching your board members in conversation with donors.

Donors love it. And so do your board members.

Imagine what it feels like for a donor to receive a call, or voice mail, from a board member of a nonprofit they love and support. I have seen some board members on the phone with a donor for ten minutes, and longer!

Ask your board members to make any notes of what they may learn from a donor, like if they have moved.

I have seen these events inspire board members to do more, and take donors to a whole new level of relationship with the nonprofit which both support your fundraising efforts.

All with a phone call.

Give it a try this year!

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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