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Fundraising Tip – Practicing self care

This article is not going to be filled with tips on nonprofit fundraising.

It’s going to ask you to create a system of self care and mental health wellness. A system that will become a habit for you.

I know how busy you are. I know you lacl capacity to do everything you want to do. I know you leave the office, or leave work, knowing you have more to do.

I know that many times self care is at the absolute bottom of the list of things that you need to accomplish.

Let’s change that.

You are a much better version of you, and can bring so much more to your nonprofit, when you practice self care.

You are worth it. And so is the mission of your nonprofit.

My practice of self care looks different on different days, and depending on how I feel in that particular moment.

Sometimes it’s as simple as walking away from my work station and going for a walk.

Sometimes it’s call a friend, or someone in my inner circle.

I love going to the gym even if it’s for a quick 20 minute workout.

I love a good hike. When I can hike at least once a week I feel great.

Time with family and friends. Dinner with my husband. These are what many just do, and are part of taking care of ourselves.

There is always more and more to do at work. Some days it may feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Pressure to raise more and more can be overwhelming. especially if leadership is lacking in your organization. Self care can be especially helpful in times like this.

Give it a try. Take time for you during the day. You’ll notice a difference.

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