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Fundraising tip – Your daily list

I have changed my mind in regards to lists, and find them super beneficial in keeping me focused and celebratory throughout the week.

I know what you may be thinking.

You have no time for lists.

I used to think the same way.

These days, every day begins with a list.

At the end of the day prior, before I stop work for the day, I create a list for the next day.

It’s a simple list, one that includes one bigger project or piece of work, and a few smaller projects. It also includes any contacts I want to make for the day, including emails.

The projects can be ongoing.

When I start my day, I check my list. Throughout the day I refer to it, and keep focused on the larger project for the day. For me that typically involves preparing for an upcoming meeting, writing for an e-appeal or some other fundraising piece for a client, or campaign work for a client.

This is a simple process. And it can easily be one that we put off, or simply decide not to do.

I suggest to keep it up. Keep writing lists. Pay attention to them. For me my lists definitely support my productivity for the day and they help me keep my focus throughout the day.

You may get sidetracked during the day. Imagine that! Keep your eye on the main project for the day, knowing that the other, smaller tasks can be moved into the next day. I do this all of the time. I just have to be careful not to move the same task every day, or else it may not get done!

I keep my list on a notecard on my desk. For some it may be more convenient to use a list app on your phone. Do what works best for you. Remember that this is all to make your day easier.

Lastly, celebrate your actions for the day!

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

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