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Good bye multitasking

I am an awesome multitasker.

A requirement is that you are an excellent multitasker.

Being able to multitask in a chaotic environment is necessary.

Whew! There sure is a lot of pressure to be a multitasker!

I have been saying good bye to multitasking, and I think this is a good time of year to consider doing the same. The thing is, we all have so much to do. Just ask anyone in our field and they will let you know how busy they are. I have found that what works well for me is to focus on particular actions, take them, them move on to the next.

Of course no one wants to hear this. In our field, the very basic of requirements is that one is an incredible multitasker. You see it in almost every job description. I think our donors, our peers, our staff, and us ourselves deserve a lot better. The more we put focus on one task and one area, the more brilliant that turns out. And that works out well for all everyone.

I’m not saying to cease all multitasking this very instance. I’m saying that for me multitasking is not the best way. More to come on this.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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