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It’s OK to ask for help!

In eighteen months of working with Altrui clients, the number one thing I end up reminding people is that it’s OK to ask for help. This has become an important part of mental health wellness.

Help from your team. From your boss. From your board.

Many fundraising teams are overwhelmed. Some have less resources than they did a year ago, with more expectations put on them.

Success, however you look at it, is possible. It’s easier to get to when you have support. And remember that people cannot support you if they don’t know you need help.

Here’s something to consider. Grab a coffee (I’m a coffee guy) or tea, create a list of urgent items that need to be accomplished, and then next to each item add who you think could help with it.

Think big. The list of people who can help you can be more like a dream list.

Regardless of who or how, the important thing is that you are good with asking for help. We can’t, and shouldn’t have to, go at it alone.

Thank you for reading!

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