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Keep fundraising

I read that individual/family giving to nonprofits was down 6% in the first quarter.

Many of you (most?) won’t be surprised to read this. What I’d like you to consider is that this does not have to be the narrative for your nonprofit.

Keep fundraising and relationship building. It’s what you do best, right?

You may be thinking that I have no idea how difficult it is. That no one is returning calls, no one responds to direct mail appeals, no one opens your email blasts. Constant pressure from your ED. Some of you have had hours or even positions on your team cut. I assure you I know all about that. I encourage you to keep doing it. Keep connecting with donors. Keep letting them know how the staff is working your mission in these tougher times. Share the impact and challenges. They want to know.

Ask them how they are doing.

They will be there for you.

Keep in touch with your board and committees. Let them know your challenges and how they can help. They want to help.

Your fundraising and relationship building are vital. Keep going.

Thank you for reading!

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