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4 daily actions for new (or new to your org) fundraising professionals

New to fundraising?

New to your current nonprofit?

Here are four actions you can take every day to build relationships with donors and to strengthen your fundraising efforts.

1. Spend time in your donor database.

2. Call or email a donor.

3. Speak with a colleague on the program side of the organization.

4. Write about the mission and impact.

That was quick.

These are important as they:

1. Allow you to learn about current and past donors.

2. Build relationships with donors (and introduce yourself to them).

3. Learn about your programs and the people excelling in them.

4. Help you get comfortable with talking and writing about your organization.

That’s it. That’s the tip of the week.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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