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Reignite your fundraising: donor communications

Whenever I am at a conference or meetings about fundraising and non-profit development, donor communications is always a topic. Great ideas and solutions are shared and everyone seems to leave with a list of initiatives they will work on when they get back to their organization.

And then everyone gets busy. Many of those wonderful ideas are left as notes and don’t become reality.

As we reignite our fundraising, here are two opportunities:

First, consider that simply thanking a donor isn’t enough if you want to build a relationship with them and create a long-term desire to support your organization. Actions you can take include a phone call to your donor upon receiving a donation; adding a personal note on the thank you letter (and please sign the letter, don’t use a stamped signature!); ask you CEO or a board member to follow up with a phone call to thank. Then, you can really take the relationship to another level by letting them know how you spent their donation!

Yes, a few months after their donation let them know how you spent it. That makes all of the difference in the world to your donor.

Second, create a very personal communication between you and a group of your donors. Mine is a monthly impact email I send to major donors. Directly from me to them, very short, containing information that lets them know how their giving impacts our mission. This has been very well received by donors and has allowed me to engage them on a higher level.

Don’t let the communication stop there. Check in every once in a while. Ensure that the only time you are speaking with them is not when asking them to consider their next donation.

More ideas to come!

Thanks for reading!

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