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Remember that fundraising plan?

The fundraising plan you wrote last year but haven’t implemented? Let’s make it happen.

I read a lot about fundraising plans. They can be incredibly important and helpful to a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. And as much I read about different nonprofits deciding to create a fundraising plan, I see very little of nonprofits implementing them.

Creating a fundraising plan can be a very simple process. At Altrui Consulting, we created several of them last year, all without requiring too much from the nonprofit we were working with.

A fundraising plan basically will spell out how much you want to raise for the time period included, and how you want to go about making that happen. For example, we plan on raising $500,000 at our annual Gala and this is how we plan on doing that.

Fundraising plans are great. They are beyond great if you actually execute them. There are many fundraising plans just wasting away, with little to no action being taken to implement them.

If you have a current, or even semi-current fundraising plan, pull it out and have a look. What can you easily take action on to support the plan? Or does it look like you need to start all over?

The best fundraising plan is the one you have the capacity to implement. Keep that in mind. This is critical.

A fundraising plan does not do you, your organization, or those you serve any good if you don’t take the time to implement it.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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