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Your business and philanthropy

When I created Altrui, I decided I would work with clients (nonprofits) that are working in areas closest to my heart and passions.

This means nonprofits whose missions are in the realms of human rights, animal rights, domestic violence, refugees, border/immigration work, homelessness, and a few others.

Working with nonprofits whose missions I have intense passion for, my work in helping them build relationships with donors and increase their fundraising, is easier. I want them to have what they need to serve who they serve. I want them to excel in their mission.

Here’ where the reader comes in. Who do you donate to? What missions get you going, touch your heart, or make you feel better about the world. Who do you share your time and treasure with?

Many reading this are small business owners. I can relate, being in that category. Philanthropy is one of our values at Altrui, it’s not only the “why” in regards to us existing as a business, it’s also how we see our part in the world. We know nonprofits make the world a better, safer place. We want to financially be a part of that.

Starting philanthropy for you and your business can be pretty simple. You most likely already have an idea of what causes you are most passionate about. You may already donate to several charities.

I tell clients that a donor is someone who has donated two or more times. A donation comes from someone who donated because their neighbor asked them to sponsor a walk they were doing for a charity. In some cases the person donating may not even know their mission.

They become a donor if they donate again.

The point here is to use your treasure to support nonprofits that you are passionate about. Ones making change that is important to you.

Consider making a donation to at least one nonprofit from your profit, not just from your extra spending money. Make a donation that is more than the neighbor supporting neighbor donation. This is especially important if you are finding success in your business, which based on so many stories on Medium and LinkedIn, you most likely are.

It will also make you feel better, like you are part of the solution. That your donation is making the world a better place.

If you want to donate to a charity and have no idea where to start, and would like help in figuring that out, let me know. I may be able to help based on my years in the nonprofit world both fundraising and donating.

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