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3 quick actions for today

Pick a day. Mine was Friday.

Now with Altrui, my Fridays are housekeeping days for the business.

Back when I led fundraising efforts, it was a little different.

We all have our own rituals throughout the week, and on Fridays I liked to have a list of action items for the day. I tried not to schedule any off-property meetings and focused on one thing: donor relationships.

Three actions consistent for Fridays with me were:

Call a donor. Or several donors. Not a donor who is getting close to their time for the annual donation. A donor who you just want to say hi and thank you to.

Do a site tour with a donor. Some of you might not have this option. In that case invite a donor for a coffee. Yes, face to face time with the donor is the key here.

Spend some time on your next current-donor mail appeal. It might not be for another few months, but some creative time spent today will totally pay off. Remember, donor-centered.

I absolutely love time with donors. If you are new in fundraising and still uncomfortable with calling a donor or meeting with a donor, I promise that the more meet with donors the more comfortable and even fun it gets. Your passion for the mission of your agency and the donor’s passion/vision for the mission can only grow stronger when you spend time with them.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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