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Donor meetings on Zoom

I’ve been working on Zoom even before the pandemic hit, and I’m happy to report that I still use it frequently for meetings with donors and clients.

I decided to write this post about Zoom, and how we as fundraisers use it with donors, after getting feedback from two people I know well who are donors and had feedback to share with me about being asked to give on a Zoom meeting.

Their feedback was the same: they both felt uncomfortable on the call and felt like the ask was a cold call.

I have found that making a phone call is my preferred way when talking with a donor about their next donation. And before I continue, it’s also important to note here that what you have done and how you have treated the donor prior to the Zoom call definitely comes into account (see past posts about relationship building).

Before you have your next Zoom meeting with a donor consider these:

Keep the meeting between you and the donor. Two of you and one of them can be overwhelming for the donor.

Make sure the donor is not surprised; they know the purpose of the call.

Be clear, kind, engaging. Yes, just like a face to face visit.

Remember throughout the call that you are in relationship with this person, that they care deeply about the mission of your organization. Treat them as such.

Keep in mind that Zoom isn’t the only way to keep in front of donors and to have a donor meeting. You, like I have, might encounter donors that still prefer a phone call.

Thank you for reading!

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