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Fundraising Tip: Communication

We know this. We read about it all of the time. And yet? Communication is key!

Most of my posts here are written for those in nonprofit fundraising. This one is for everyone, as good communication can benefit you no matter what field of work you’re in (let alone in your relationships!).

How good are you at communication?

I thought I excelled! Many times I do. And my communication is one of those “always learning” things for me. Especially when it comes to my business.

Communication can be as easy as your response time to someones email. If you receive an email from someone who needs something from you, probably just a clarification, the quicker you respond to them the better. That’s wonderful communication.

I have learned to even put communication expectations in my contracts. That has been beneficial both for me and my clients. It’s a great reminder that for us to be successful, we need to communicate well.

Another way I try to communicate well is in honoring the time of others. This means that if I can going to email you, that my email is necessary, clear and to the point. Is it worth our time?

I also think it’s important for me to let you know when I don’t understand something. I find myself saying to clients and colleagues, “does this makes sense?” in a way to make sure we’re understanding each other and are on the same page.

The main take away from this post, I hope, is that you look at your communication and that you begin to think about it more often, especially in improving it.

After all, we can all improve our communication.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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