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Fundraising tip – Don’t let a failure stop you

The excitement was building.

One of our clients was about to unveil a new fundraising campaign. We had worked on it for several months, and based on past client work on similar campaigns, I felt more than positive about how this would go.

The campaign didn’t take off. Not even close to what I was thinking, and those thoughts were conservative at best.

And so many positive things came from the campaign, my clients’ first.

I call it a failure. It could also be something that didn’t meet our expectations. Or a dozen other things. Failure could come across as too strong.

As one who has had many failures in my careers, I’ve become good at moving forward.

Of letting go of negative feelings about it, and seeing where we may do different in the future.

Learning and growing from it.

I’m also comfortable with accepting that this one try, this one campaign, may not be a fit for this one nonprofit.

So we brush ourselves off and get back to the virtual drawing board.

My client is on the same page. As I knew they would.

Onward wonderful butterflies.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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