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Fundraising Tip: Honor Time

Every communication we send takes some of the receivers most precious commodity: time.

I have always been a person who honestly values the time of another person, especially when it comes to fundraising and communicating with donors.

I always would keep meetings to the point, and when meeting with donors, did everything I could to ensure the meeting was worth their while.

My thought of honoring time changed a few years ago when I read Josh Bernoffs’ “Writing Without Bullshit”. Not only did the book change me and my writing, it taught me more about honoring someones’ time. And not just when physically meeting with them, but in any way I am communicating with them. This meant examining all of my communications.

The best part of the book for me was about email, about making sure that every email you write is worth the persons’ time.

Worth their time.

My goodness, that hit me hard.

It changed my entire way of thinking about email, especially in that moment just before I hit “send”!

A critical moment. So much goes through my head now. Is this all necessary? Am I taking too much of their time? Do I really need to say that I hope all is well?

Did I get right to the point?

Ah, the point!

Many of you who read my Dan’s Tips are in nonprofit fundraising and spend a lot of your time communicating with donors. Regardless of who you communicate with, especially when using email, be sure to honor that persons’ time.

They will be grateful.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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