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Fundraising Tip — In-Person Meetings Mean A Lot

After several face-to-face meetings in the last two weeks, I have been re-convinced of their power!

I am towards the end of a two-week roadtrip to meet with Altrui clients and talk about current fundraising efforts. I’m meeting with clients I have worked with for a year or two, new clients, and even potential clients.

They are all nonprofits whose missions are in my heart. I love working with them. Before this trip I would have said that I am in great relationship with each of them.

Now, after face-to-face meetings, meals, and even a hike, I can say that the relationships are spectacular, and stronger than ever.

Some of my clients are having difficult times. Not necessarily with fundraising, but with other parts of being staff of a nonprofit. Seeing the emotion in their faces while talking about what was going on, and them being able to see my continuous empathy, oh my goodness!

It was amazing!

As I often write, fundraising is not about money. It’s about relationships. I am more convinced than ever after all of these meetings that in-person time is incredibly valuable.

Since these meetings, almost every person I met with has taken the time to email me to thank me for taking my time to meet with them. Each of them expressed incredible gratitude, letting me know they the time meant a lot and they felt stronger and more positive of what’s next.

My hope is to do more of it. My ask of you is to do more of it as well. I guarantee you that you will see growth in your relationship with your donor, program co-worker, and/or community member.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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