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Fundraising Tip – Meet with a Donor

One-on-one time with a donor, there’s nothing like it!

If you are a fundraising professional for a nonprofit, you are swamped right now.

Many people are swamped. You may be swamped all of the time.

You are especially swamped right now, what we in the business call “year end”.

You do not need or want anything else on your plate.

And here I am suggesting to add several things to your plate.

Start meeting face-to-face with your donors. It takes time to set these up, time to get to and from the meeting (especially if you live and work in an area like Los Angeles, like me), and time for the meeting itself. Time that you may think you don’t have.

Do this anyways.

Every meeting with a donor strengthens your relationship with the donor. It gives your donor more information on the impact they have towards a mission they very much support. It impacts the work your nonprofit does in service of others.

This works. It really does.

Give it a try. Even if it’s one donor next week.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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