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Fundraising Tip: Share Your Impact

Donors of all types want to know that their donation makes a difference.

Sharing impact is vital for your nonprofit fundraising efforts.

So vital that I suggest, while reading this, you pull up your calendar for next week and plug in “share impact” for one or two of the days. You can figure out how to share your impact later. For now, having it your calendar will prove helpful.

Donors aren’t donating because it’s Giving Tuesday.

Donors aren’t giving because it the end of the year.

They are donating to you because of your impact.

They donate to you because of you serve immigants.

Or survivors of domestic violence.

Or unhoused youth.

Share with them, especially this time of year, how you excel in your mission and how you change and save lives.

The more you share impact, the stronger relationship you build with your donor.

While sharing your impact, you’re supporting your donor in their desire to make change.

So go sit with your program people for a few minutes, gather an impact story or two, and share it!

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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