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Fundraising tip – Your donation page

This is a quick tip.

Have a look at your fundraising page.

Better yet, have a new board member look at it. Ask them to make a donation there, even if it’s just $5.00. Let them know that you want to know about their experience in making an online donation.

Nonprofits spend a lot of effort in getting donors to their donate page.

Not all nonprofits spend time making sure their donor page is simple for their donors, or even updated so that it shares the most current information for donors.

Back to the board member. After they make the donation, ask them a few questions:

How simple was the process?

Did anything during the process frustrate them?

Did making the donation take about the amount of time that the board member thought it would?

I suggest doing this with all new board members. Our donors are as diverse as any other group of people, and they may bring an idea or suggestion that will benefit your donation page.

We want our donor’s online donating experience to be as simple and frustration-free as possible.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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