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Key to year-end fundraising

Final drafts of year-end appeals are being sent to printers. Heads of development are being asked for year-end projections. Statistics are continually being shared on how many donors give in December, and during the final week of the year.

And you’re ready to bring it these final weeks of the year.

Unfortunately for some, the key to success during year-end fundraising does not occur during the year-end campaign. It starts at the beginning of the year (or before). It’s all about building relationships with your donors.

If you’ve been doing that, if you and your organization are in relationship with your donors, then you have a great chance at a successful year-end campaign. If not, it could be difficult these next few weeks. It could also be a chance to learn and move forward in a different way.

It’s never too late to begin growing relationships with your donors. For some, it’s just starting that is the difficulty.

Thank more, ask less. Share impact more, ask less. Of course if you aren’t asking at all, the action plan is different. But many are only asking, which is problematic and is not helpful in building relationships.

Keep this in mind not only now but throughout the year. The more effort you put into building relationships throughout the year, the stronger your year-end fundraising campaign becomes.

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