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Notes from our Nonprofit Jobs Summit

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Here is a list of notes and links from our summit last week on Clubhouse. There were many in the room new to Clubhouse, and that was wonderful. If you’re not on Clubhouse yet and would like an invite, connect with Alex or I and we’ll send you one upon availability.

First, an audio link:–Nonprofit-Jobs-Summit-with-Dan-Hanley-and-Alex-Simon-e12k1bt

Connect with our presenters:

Heather Campbell

Erika Pinheiro is on Twitter at @eeerox. Vu Lee is also on Twitter at @nonprofitaf.

Hash tags mentioned: #fundraisingtwitter #ShowTheSalary #CrappyFundingPractices

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to subscribe to Dan’s List (not me!), a daily listing of nonprofit jobs, email Dan at [email protected].

One of my favorite nonprofit job boards that I mentioned is the Colorado Nonprofit Association board:

Other job boards starting with Mac’s List which was brought up in the room:

Mac’s List (northwest US ):

Higher Ed Jobs:

Inside Higher Ed Careers:

Aspen Leadership Group:

Lindauer Group:

Annual Giving Network:

On Twitter you can find Alex at @dalexsimon and myself at @fundraiserdan. We’re also both on LinkedIn!



Open positions brought up in the room:

Al Otro Lado – Staff Attorney and Development Manager –

Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice – Family Law Attorney –

OkaySo – Techinical Lead –

That’s it from our notes! Thank you again for joining us!

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