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Practicing Self Care – Out of Office

Summer is my time to vacation as much as possible!

Being married to a public school teacher, and having been in nonrpfit fundraising long enough to know that fundraising slows down in the summer, summer is the time I take most of my time off.

We are off on a road trip that will be filled with friends, family, podcasts, hikes, swinning, and a wedding. We’ll be driving through along with spending time in 13 states.

As one who loves a good road trip, I am ecstatic.

In lieu of fresh blog posts here at “Dan’s Tips”, I will most likely re-post a couple of my most popular posts.

If you are in the world of nonprofit fundraising, this is a good time to remember to either take vacation or start planning one.

Time off is critical as we build relationships and fundraise.

If you are in nonprofit leadership, remind your team to practice self care.

Happy summer time!

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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