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Business Tip: Clean Up Your Social Media

From your website to platforms you’re on, keep them up to date.

This started as a fundraising tip, then went to a nonprofit tip, and I finally landed on a business tip.

In fact, these suggestions can be helpful to anyone with a presence on social media, including a website. Whether you’re in nonprofit fundraising or are running your own business, how you look on social media makes a big difference.

First, keep in mind that, unless you have the capacity to be everywhere, don’t. Pick one or two platforms and excel in showing up there before you grow to a third.

This is super important because I see many businesses and nonprofits with a huge selection of social media platform logos somewhere on their page, but when I click on one the last post was two years ago.

Did you close?

No. It usually means that whoever was excited about being on that platform left, or got so busy that this platform, and potentially others, are no longer a priority for their time.

It just doesn’t look good to have links that go to a platform that is no longer used, or worse, it goes nowhere.

Even if you are active on all of the platforms linked from your website, it’s a good idea to click through to them from your website every once in a while just to ensure the connection still works.

This is your business after all. You want to give your very best with the website to make sure you come across as professional.

Speaking of your website, I also frequently look at mine to tweak it and make sure everything is up to date. My website is my portal to the world. It may be someone’s very first impression of me and my work, and I of course want that first impression to be positive.

I have found that having a presence on social media is beneficial to my business. It allows clients and colleagues to see what we are up to and how we are helping nonprofits and those who are philanthropic. My social media, especially my website and my “Dan’s Tips” page, have become essential in bringing potential clients my way.

Focusing on my website and specific social media platforms, while not trying to be everywhere and everything, helps my business and shows a positive look to those considering working with me.

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Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.

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